Victorian Pool & Spa Registration Update 2020

Victorian Pool & Spa Registration Update 2020


The Victorian Government officially extended the deadline for the mandatory registration of private pools and spas to November 1, 2020 due the COVID-19 health crisis.


Domestic pool and spa owners will have additional time to register their pools with their local council. This is a deadline extension of five months from what was originally dated June 1, 2020.



Current Regulations for Pool Fences in Victoria


This coincides with the Victorian government update to pool and spa regulations that came into effect December 1, 2019. The government is working towards making swimming pools and spas safer and prevent young children from drowning.


Revised fencing regulations require pool and spa safety barriers to be inspected by your local council. A certificate of pool barrier compliance must also be lodged.


These changes require owners to register their pools and spas with their local council with a one-off fee of up to $79.


Once registration is complete, the council will inform the pool owner of the date by which they must organise their first inspection and certification of their barrier. Furthermore, owners must have a registered building surveyor or inspector certify the continuing compliance of their safety barrier every four years.


Failure to Register


Owners who fail to register their pool or spa with their council by November 1, 2020 may incur an on-the-spot fine of $330.


For further information in regard to these new laws, please visit the Victorian Building Authority (VBA):



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