Pool and Spa Fencing Safety


Undoubtedly, your outdoor pool and spa bring about joyful moments and entertainment for your family and friends. Our children most especially enjoy playing in and around the pool. When the sun comes out to play, our young ones do the same, small feet scurrying towards the pool in order to create that monstrous splash.

Safety Tips

It’s imperative to ensure safety around the pool and spa areas at all times. Whether you’re physically keeping your eyes on your children as they swim or allowing them to play around in the backyard area.


High-quality and efficient pool and spa fencing protects from pool-related accidents. This means that people, most especially our small children, cannot enter the pool unless the gate fence is open. Our pool and spa fencing product range of glass and hardware offer what’s required to DIY install a protective barrier for your small children.


Get peace of mind about your children’s safety around the pool. With up to 20 years of experience in providing pool-fencing services throughout Melbourne, our Affordable Glass Pool Fencing (AGPF) team are experts in selecting premium quality glass and hardware products.


Looking to do-it-yourself? At Affordable Glass Pool Fencing (AGPF), we specialise in supplying our customers with quality yet cheap glass pool fencing products for all DIY pool fencing projects. AGPF have a broad range of glass and hardware products suitable for pool and spa barriers, balustrades, privacy screens and windbreaks.


Safety Features


We proudly stock one of greatest products for pool fence safety on the market. The Polaris Soft Close Hinge has won several design awards for safety and craftsmanship. They keep little hands safe and are specifically designed for frameless glass pool fencing. A key component of Polaris hinges are the spring and shock absorbers that close every time from any position without fail.

A frameless glass fence is a valuable investment giving you peace of mind knowing your children are safe around your pool area. It is still essential that young children are supervised at all times.

One of the most important advantages of glass fencing is that the surface makes it hard for young children to climb. 


Victorian Laws and Standards


The AGPF team are highly experienced and knowledgeable regarding all Victorian laws and standards. We can therefore provide you with advice that ensures your fencing projects are safe and meet Victoria’s legal pool safety requirements. These include ensuring that the gaps at the bottom of the fence are not be greater than 100mm and are therefore in line with Victorian fence regulations. This will prevent children from squeezing under the fence.


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