Stop The Chill With Our DIY Frameless Glass Windbreaks

Melbourne is well-known for its world-class coffee, hidden bars, cobbled streets and graffiti-laden lane ways. What’s often left out of conversion is that Melbourne is also infamous for its crisp, cool weather.


Whether you’re living the city life in Toorak or Collingwood, surrounded by the beach in Brighton or Elwood, or resting in the hills of the Yarra Valley, at some point in time you are bound to experience the arctic-like chill brought upon by Melbourne winds.


When the winter months start to dwindle and the sun shines, there is no better way to spend an afternoon than sipping coffee or having a cold one around the patio.


For your next DIY project, AGPF conveniently stock glass panels suitable for frameless glass windbreaks.


No longer will you need to have your fun disrupted by icy cold winds any longer. Say NO to Melbourne’s unpredictable weather.


From protecting your outdoor dining area or patio, our AGPF range of affordable, premium-quality hardware to help combat the icy Melbourne winds. The strong breeze and chill will be “gone with the wind” with our products.


Our friendly specialists will be able to assist you with all your enquiries. We’ll happily provide you further information on our frameless glass windbreaks, specifically for your DIY fencing installation job.