Stainless Steel Spigots In Pool Fencing

Benefits of Toughened Glass Fencing

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is every entertainer's dream. Coupled with a BBQ area it makes for the perfect spot to unwind with your family and friends. Though, they are some responsibilities that come with purchasing a swimming pool.

A pool fence is the best way to protect your family in and around the pool area. When it comes to style, there are a number of pool fence options to choose from such as a tubular pool fence, frameless pool fence, aluminium pool fence,  or a glass pool fence.

With the right products and tools, installing your own DIY glass pool fence is easy. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • A glass pool fence allows your backyard to be on full display making the space appear larger. There’s also no need to compromise on the pool or garden view either.
  • With an unobstructed view into backyard, it’ll make it easier to keep an eye on the kids
  • Toughened glass is resilient and can endure pressure. If someone were to fall against your glass pool fence, it would not shatter
  • Maintenance is minimal. All that’s required is a wipe down with water and detergent regular to make sure it’s clear
  • It’s doubles as a windbreaker. Although it blocks the wind, it still allows the sun rays to penetrate through to the pool making it a great option for warm days, all year around.


Stainless Steel Spigots In Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing is built to withstand some of the toughest outdoor conditions here in Australia, from large ball-sized hail, heavy winds, and the odd football accidentally kicked at the pool fence.

With high amounts of salt and chlorine used in the pool, this can spray onto the hardware of the fence causing it to corrode among other issues. 

Stainless Steel Spigots

Spigots are the two pieces of steel at the bottom of the glass fence panel. Our spigots are made from high-grade duplex 2205 stainless steel, which allows your fence to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. Duplex 2205 is an extraordinary grade of stainless and is highly corrosion-resistant. It’s a highly robust grade of steel therefore it’s able to endure high vibrations. Additionally, our Spigots come in three different styles and finishes, ensuring there is a suitable option to match any outdoor pool area.

For more information regarding Spigots or any other DIY pool fence hardware, get in touch with the friendly team at AGPF. We can help you review your pool needs and recommend the best products for your pool area.