Pool Fence Repairs and Maintenance

One of the main benefits of having a glass pool fence is being able to see directly into the pool area to ensure your family is safe. It’s a requirement in Australia to have a compliant pool fence installed around the pool area.

A glass pool fence is not only practical, it can also it can prove the look of your backyard making it look spacious.

As with every year’s Christmas planning at this time, it’s time for the annual backyard preparation for the extended family parties.  Cleaning the BBQ, tending to the garden and cleaning your pool are just some of the tasks required to get your backyard ready for summer parties.

Glass Fence Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your glass pool fencing is easy, a wipe down with warm soapy water is all you need. Be sure to pay close attention to the spigots, latches and gate when wiping down your glass pool fence. Regularly checking these fence fixtures are just as important as the glass panels.

Glass Fence Repair

Checking the glass panels and hardware will alert you to any damages that may have caused your glass pool fencing to become weak or damaged. Movement in concrete or decking can lead to issues with the integrity of your frameless glass fence.

If you notice chipped or broken glass it’s best to repair this as soon as possible.

Our experienced AGPF team can guide you through the process of completing a DIY repair all while remaining compliant with Australian Standards.

We allow free pickup from our warehouse within 24 hours. We also provide Australia wide shipping for pool fence hardware such as glass panels, spigots, hinges, latches and other fittings you may require to complete your DIY repair job.