Quality At Affordable Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless glass pool fencing provides a safe, sleek & minimally invasive solution for protecting your pool and loved ones. It is vital to ensure your chosen provider is committed to a high standard of quality in terms of service and materials used. 

Affordable Glass Pool Fencing has serviced the entirety of Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula for over 20 years. Thanks to this long-standing experience, we have cemented trust in this area as premium glass fence suppliers. 

Our Quality Guarantee

Affordable Glass Pool Fencing works closely with manufacturers to bring you the best quality glass fencing supplies at a competitive price. 

It is important to note that specific factories, particularly glass production houses, produce exclusively for the export market, resulting in changes in production quality. At Affordable Glass Pool Fencing, we ensure that your glass pool fence panels are sourced from factories that produce for the local market, which adhere to western quality standards. 

Our glass panels are made from highly durable, Grade-A toughened safety glass. These panels are available in multiple sizes and are of the highest quality, fully compliant to Australian & New Zealand Safety Standards. We offer three styles of glass gate to match our specific fencing systems. 

We are committed to supplying frameless pool fencing components of the highest quality. For example, our Pool Fence Spigots are made from 2205 Duplex Grade Stainless Steel and are suitable for a wide range of pool fencing applications.

Beyond glass and spigots, Affordable Glass Pool Fencing also provide a wide range of pool fencing supplies and components, including the Polaris Soft Close Hinge. 

Why Frameless Glass? 

Frameless glass pool fencing is primarily installed for safety purposes. However, it certainly does not compromise aesthetics, and is a stylish and minimally invasive solution that creates the illusion of space around your swimming area. 

Considering installing a frameless glass fencing solution? Please get in contact with us today.