Affordable Vs "Cheap" Glass Pool Fencing

Affordable Glass Pool Fencing is a third-generation family business specialising in supplying customers with the best quality glass and hardware products for all your DIY projects.


We have been working with a close knit group of manufacturers for three generations. Through these close relationships, we have developed a reputation for excellent service and the highest standards in quality of supplies over many years.


We ensure that your glass pool fence panels are sourced from these manufacturers, who produce for the local market and adhere to Australian quality standards, bringing you the best quality glass fencing supplies at a competitive price.


Australian Quality Standards


We cannot emphasise enough that our consistently affordable prices result from these long-standing relationships with quality glass production houses - not through cutting corners or compromising our products' quality.


Indeed, certain manufacturers produce solely for the export market. While sourcing glass from these places is undoubtedly cheap, products from these manufacturers are not compliant with Australian regulations and not at a production quality standard for use or sale in Australia.


Like all aspects of glass in buildings, frameless glass balustrading and pool fences/gates are subject to strict standards and regulations, many of which must be cross-checked for compliance.


Laws and standards govern all products and services that Affordable Glass Pool Fencing provide, including Glass Pool Fencing, Frameless Glass Balustrades, Glass Privacy Screens & Glass Windbreaks.


Affordable Glass Pool Fencing are familiar and knowledgeable about all laws and standards governing all glass fence installation, especially in Victoria. Through this knowledge and experience, we can ensure your frameless glass pool fencing solutions are both regulatory compliant and cost-effective. 


Affordable Pool Glass Fencing is located in Ravenhall, Victoria. We are committed to providing the best fencing solutions for your next DIY project. Feel free to get in contact with us today if you have any queries.