AGPF DIY Glass Pool Fencing Systems

At Affordable Glass Pool Fencing, we stock an extensive range of pool fencing supplies that will cover all bases for your DIY pool fencing project. It’s true that every DIY pool fencing project is different and requires a wide range of pool fencing supplies. There are undoubtedly many moving parts and various components involved, and knowing which parts are suitable for your particular project can be challenging. 

With this in mind, we have organised our range of products into different fencing systems, to make it easier for our customers to decide which products are best for their specific project, and are compatible with one another. 

Standard Glass Pool Fencing System

Our Standard Glass Fencing System is made from 316 Grade Stainless Steel and is our most affordable glass pool fencing system for DIY projects and builders. This system is ideal for low salt/chlorine environments, areas away from your pool or spa and low traffic environments.

Heavy-Duty Glass Fencing System 

Products included in our Heavy Duty Glass Pool Fencing System are made from premium 2205 Duplux Grade Stainless Steel, which has a much higher corrosion resistance than 316 Grade, making it suitable for high salt and chlorine environments such as your pool and spa area. 

Polaris Soft Close Fencing System 

Finally, our Polaris Soft Close Fencing System is our top of the line, state of the art glass fencing system for safety, design, function and appeal. Polaris soft-close award-winning design meets the demanding conditions of the Australian climate. The Polaris Soft Close Hinge utilises spring and shock absorbers for a smooth and quiet closing action and includes a two-year factory warranty. 

Regardless of which fencing system you choose for your DIY frameless glass fencing project, rest assured that each of our fencing systems meet Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards, and include all required screws, bolts and rubbers for your pool fencing project. 

If you have any further questions regarding our product range, do not hesitate to get in contact with us today.