DIY Vs. Professional Installations for Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless glass pool fencing offers both style and safety, enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space while providing essential protection for your loved ones. When it comes to installing this sleek and modern fencing solution, you have two main options:

A DIY project or professional installation. Below, we'll explore the benefits of each, helping you make the right choice for your needs and preferences.

Pros of DIY Frameless Glass Pool Fencing: 


If you are DIY inclined, one of the primary attractions of DIY frameless glass pool fencing is the potential cost saving. By undertaking the installation yourself, homeowners eliminate the need for professional labour expenses. This means that the overall expenditure on the fencing project is notably reduced, making it a more budget-friendly option compared to hiring contractors or installation services.


DIY installation gives homeowners the freedom to control the pace and timing of their projects. Instead of relying on external contractors whose schedules may not match theirs, DIY enthusiasts can work on their fencing project at their convenience. This flexibility allows them to seamlessly fit the installation into their busy lives, adjusting the timeline to suit their personal commitments.

Cons of DIY Frameless Glass Pool Fencing:


Frameless glass pool fencing requires precise installation to ensure optimal safety and durability. Lacking the knowledge and precision that is necessary to meet safety standards, can potentially compromise the security of your pool area.


Inexperienced individuals may encounter challenges during the installation process which may become time-consuming such as Australian pool fencing permits and laws. It is important to do your research beforehand.

Pros of Professional Frameless Glass Pool Fencing:

Expertise and service:

Professionals ensure that your pool fence is safe, compliant and aesthetically pleasing by leveraging their experience and understanding of regulations. They provide an experience by giving advice and support.


Professionals such as Zero Edge provide on-going maintenance for glass pool fencing through a variety of specialised services and techniques, ensuring the fence remains in top condition.

Time efficient:  

Professionals can complete the job much faster than DIY enthusiasts due to their years of experience and knowledge, which can make your life easier, especially if you have a strict schedule.

Cons of Professional Frameless Glass Pool Fencing:


A professional team usually costs more than DIY, as you are paying for labour and additional materials.

Choosing Your Option:

When considering the installation of a modern pool, it's crucial to carefully plan and assess whether a  DIY approach or professional installation is the best fit for your specific circumstances. Each individual has their own preferred style or scenario which will determine the best solution.

Minimalistic Style:

DIY is perfect for creating a minimalistic frameless glass pool fence. It offers a cost-effective, flexible and personalised design that perfectly complements the simplicity and elegance of minimalist aesthetics. It allows you to explore simple styles in a more affordable manner.

Although you have the option to use professional services, it may not be worth the price for a small-scale project that you can do yourself.

Complex Style:

DIY can be difficult for custom and detailed designs if you lack the necessary knowledge and don't have time to learn specific tools and skills. We recommend hiring professionals, such as Zero Edge, for complex projects. They can meet deadlines more quickly and have the experience and skills to handle intricate layouts, ensuring that both the aesthetic and regulations are met.


If you have a strict schedule that limits your time, it's best to hire professional installation. They can work quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your deadline is met. On the other hand, DIY projects are better suited for those who have more flexibility with their deadlines, as they may take longer to complete.

Tight budget:

If you want to save money and have confidence in your knowledge, or if you're willing to learn more, then DIY is a better option. With DIY, you'll only have to pay for the supplies needed. Professional installations can be considered, but this may cost more since you are paying for a service.

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