Alternative Pool Safety Features

Pool Safety 

With the summer months behind us and winter fast approaching, swimming and pool activities take a back seat to other forms of outdoor entertainment. However, that doesn’t mean that pool safety should take a back seat too. We want to ensure you and your loved ones have an enjoyable time in your little slices of heaven all year round with some added safety measures.


At Affordable Glass Pool Fencing safety is paramount. Installing a pool fence for your home that meets safety regulations required by the state government is just one of many ways to secure a relaxing space for you and your family. There are other additional measures that can also be placed around your pool area to safeguard your children or pets from any harm.


Installing cameras or motion detectors around your fencing is one way to track the scurrying of paws or little feet going places unsupervised. These can be attached to the side of the pool or float on the water unobtrusively. Pool nets and pool covers are an important safety feature that doubles as a way to keep your pool clean during the winter months when swimming may not be a daily activity. Having a ring buoy or throwing rope is an additional safety measure that could be invaluable to have on hand.


However, the simplest solution is to have a secure gate that small hands can’t easily get around. High-quality yet cheap glass pool fencing is available at AGPF with the award winning Polaris Soft Close Hinge amongst our hardware range. It is known for its shock absorbers and spring back technology that close from any angle, every time, without fail. They are specifically designed for frameless glass pool fencing, something we have up to 20 years of experience and expertise on. The team at AGPF can help you pick out the best and safest hardware for your pool or spa area, including, glass screens, balustrades, privacy screens and windbreaks.


Being hypervigilant and supervising young children at all times is essential, and so is peace of mind; glass pool fencing is an important investment in the endeavour to keep your loved ones safe.