Affordable Glass Pool Fencing

Hinge Safety Cap Pair

$20 $25

Glass Gate Hinge Safety caps to suit standard spring hinge range glass gate hinges. 

Set of 2 caps

Fits all barrel style non soft-close hinges up to 22mm in diameter.  Where a hinge is less than 22mm in diameter, a small spot on silicon or similar is required to fix the cap to the hinge.

Simply push the cap over the top of the hinge to achieve the Non-Climb Zone regulation for pool safety.

The cap is designed with a 60 Degree slope which limits the child's ability to use the gate hinge as a foothold to climb into the pool or spa area.

This Hinge safety cap complies with:

AS1926.1-2012, AS 1926.1 – 1986, AS 1926.1 – 1993, PART 9A BUILDING REGULATIONS 2018 AND AS 1926.1-1993.

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