How To Calculate The Frameless Panel Sizes For Pool Fencing

Determining Frameless Panel Sizes for Pool Fencing

Calculating the frameless panel sizes for pool fencing requires some basic measurements and calculations. Here are the general steps to follow.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Measure the total length of the area where the frameless panels will be installed. You can then equally divide the area until you reach an appropriate panel size (see Frameless Glass Fencing Panels on the website to see the available sizes). 

  2. Measure the height of the area where the frameless panels will be installed, this will allow you to determine whether you need to step the panels, but generally surrounding a pool area the concrete or decking shouldn't very greatly in height.  As an added measure, you could use a laser or spirit level to assist in these workings. 

  3. Determine the number of panels needed to cover the entire area. This will depend on the width of the panels and the total length of the area.  Make sure to allow a gate opening where needed, which can be selected from our wide range of gate sizes available. 

  4. Make sure to consider the gaps between the panels, as per the Australian Standards for pool fencing, no gap greater than 100mm is allowed, but the manufacturer's specifications recommend no gap smaller than 10mm (unless required in specific regulatory circumstances).  Allowing an average gap size of approximately 50mm is ideal to allow for ease of installation, and maintenance. 

  5. Once you have determined the width, height, and number of panels needed, you can calculate the total area that the frameless panels will cover to cross check your sizes and layout.  If you see a different final measurement when adding all the panels together, remember that you will have allowed for the gaps which must be equally divided in between each glass panel. 

  6. Finally, It is also important to consider the location of the gate(s) in the pool fencing. The width of the gate(s) should be calculated in the total length of the fencing and the height should be the same as the fencing panels.  Cross check all measurements and confirm by marking out the area to ensure your order is processed with the correct sizing. 

It's worth noting that, these steps are general guidelines, and the manufacturer's recommendations and local building codes should be followed.  Feel free to contact us at AGPF for further advise or information.